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Customized Massage Therapy, Cupping Therapy, And Bio-Electric Therapy Services

Essential Body Work Therapy
Essential Body Work Therapy

Bodywork Therapy for Pain Relief in Wellington, Florida

Massage therapies offer a range of health benefits, both mentally and physically.

Essential Bodywork Therapy offers customized drug free pain relief services in Wellington Florida. The Human Body is not meant to exist in a state of pain and one of the most amazing aspects is its ability to heal itself.

By taking regular care of our bodies through natural bodywork therapies you will feel the difference through mind, body and soul and get back to doing the things you love.

I built my business from my own personal journey in seeking pain relief and have a huge desire to help others live pain free, after all a healthy body is a happy body.


Massage isn't just a luxury its a journey to a happier healthier life. Each treatment is customized for each individual’s personal requirements. Start feeling better today, come and experience in a therapeutic peaceful environment.
If you have any questions or concerns or want to know more about any of the service’s I am always happy to help.

Essential Body Work Therapy

Massage therapy

Essential Body Work Therapy

Cupping therapy

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Essential Body Work Therapy
Essential Body Work Therapy

Get back to doing more of what makes you happy

Through regular Bodywork Therapies you can improve your health physically and mentally, reduce stress, relieve pain, relax muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation, mental health, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve immune function, restore metabolic balance. Delivers all over body wellness. I genuinely care about every client that I meet and strive in helping them live pain free again.

Essential Body Work Therapy
Essential Body Work Therapy

Customer Reviews

Dearest Tanya,

Peace, joy and love to you!
Please know that I am very grateful for your concern and treatments of my right shoulder. The Electric Therapy with your healing hands made a huge difference with the pain in my right shoulder joint. The procedure using state of the art technology with your personal touch and experience made the entire process a huge success. Thank you!
This world is a better place because of people like you in it.

Love Dr. Carmen
Dr. Carmen Walls, PT, DPT, MBA
Advanced Therapy of the Center for Bone & Joint SurgeryDonec commodo

Tanya is very professional and attentive massage therapist. She is very determined to help others to feel their best.

Her DDS bio therapy is one of a kind treatment to relieve pain in the body.

In my case it helped me to reduce pain in my hip and neck which troubled me for past few years (stage 1: minor OA)
The results are mind blowing ! I have noticed improvements after each session but after 3 rd one finally forgot about pain and felt big relief.
No more prescribed strong painkillers and sleepless nights.

If your doctor says nothing cant be done, go to Tanya ! She will be very happy to help you.

Thank you Tanya!

Kat Radzik LMT